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Join over 20,000 San Diegans:



(November 10, 6:30PM)

Community Mega Challah Bakes

Friday / Saturday:

(November 11)

It’s Time to Say "Shabbat Shalom"!

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Community and Private Home Shabbat dinners; Saturday Services, lunches, lectures, Seu’dah Shlishit

Saturday Evening:

(November 12, 7:30PM)

Unity Havdalah Celebration

From Sunset to Stars Out


We are about to embark on an inclusive, meaningful experience as individuals, as families and as a local community connecting with worldwide Jewry. On November 10-12, 2016 more than two million Jews in over 1,000 cities in 85 countries around the world will join as one in celebrating a traditional, cohesive and momentous Shabbat.
San Diego’s 130 local congregations, community organizations, schools and youth groups have united under the Shabbat San Diego umbrella to plan a unique three-day experience to inspire more than 20,000 Jewish San Diegans to join in a complete traditional, open, inclusive and fully educational Shabbat experience. We strive to ensure that every denomination, affiliation, ideology and political persuasion is fully engaged, involved and genuinely welcome.


o Each individual has their most meaningful Shabbat yet

o Together build a unified community this Shabbat

o Enjoy global identity, pride and solidarity


What can you do to ensure that all enjoy this Shabbat San Diego?

1. Sign in for yourself and your family.

2. Volunteer to be part of the Shabbat San Diego Team.

3. Ask all your friends to register, and participate and ask them to ask their friends. 

4. Share the names and email addresses with us of all the unaffiliated Jews you know in the county.

5. Share your ideas with us.



Challah Baking Event

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