Donation Information

Shabbat San Diego is financed, coordinated and managed through communal volunteer committee efforts. Shabbat San Diego utilizes the tax deductibility and accounting systems of Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center .


In order to assist all community members to participate in Shabbat San Diego, we need sponsorship funds for:

  • Developing and distributing materials for use by participants in all of the events and the Shabbat itself;
  • Funding all community wide Shabbat events;
  • Helping hosts with Shabbat meals for those hosting multiple families;
  • Funding assistance for community Shabbat Dinners and other programs;
  • Ensuring no potential participant is unable for financial reasons to enjoy this special International Unity Shabbat;
  • Producing and Distributing Shabbat Kits to all Shabbat Dinner hosts;
  • Funding stipends for the community celebrations;
  • Getting the word out regarding all aspects of the program through an extensive media campaign across various channels.


Your donation will assist:

  • $18┬áProvides the spirit for Shabbat families who need
  • $36 Help create community for every Jew within San Diego
  • $180 Be a part of global pride and identity
  • $360 Help create San Diego Jewish community partnerships through the lens of Shabbat year round
  • $560 Event subsidy so each partner that needs assistance bringing Shabbat San Diego into their communities can!
  • $1000 Create community unity locally and across the globe through One Shabbat Together


For larger donations and public acknowledgements please see the Patron and Sponsorship Opportunities section.