Togetherness is not the same without U.
Join over 1 million Jews Re-Uniting on one Shabbat.

 November 2 - 5 2023

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This year our Shabbat San Diego is looking a little different and wouldn’t be the same without U! How will U choose to make this one Shabbat extra special?

Instead of large centralized programs we are cohosting with partners throughout San Diego for intimate welcoming and unique Shabbat experiences. From Challah Makes to Shabbat Meals, Learning how to make Shabbat Meals have that EXTRA special touch to Havdalah, Services to Lectures, this year the sky is your limit.   Please visit Sign-in to see what event is best for you. And if you do not see what you want create it and let us know!

Shabbat San Diego provides a spiritual, emotional and educational experience that inspires each member of our community to participate and explore their heritage through ongoing activities at existing community organizations. Shabbat San Diego, for one weekend a year, brings the magic of Shabbat to San Diego, rejuvenating family and community life.

Communities are fragile, and they are not Unbreakable. In these times of growing intolerance, we need a venue to enjoy what we have in common, and create a sense of local and global Jewish solidarity and Jewish pride. Participate in Shabbat San Diego.

Cannot wait to celebrate with U!

Check out Video's from past years and just imagine how wonderful it will be to be apart of this year, register for an event today: View events 2022 here bu clicking here 


“Unity in the face of a tragedy during the events was so powerful. The attendance of events was off the chart this year and so many felt the sense of unity, community and belonging!”

“Each event was meaningful, spiritual, loving, warm, and friendly. Great sense of togetherness. We needed it.”

“I’ve attended the Challah Bake every year since its inception. I enjoy being together as a community and knowing I’m taking part in this global celebration!”

“All of these events made us feel connected with our community and Jewish heritage.”

“PLEASE, Have more events throughout the year!”

“Is it next year yet?”

Be part of International Shabbat in 101 countries!



-Ahad Ha’am

Shabbat San Diego is an independent grassroots level community-wide, inclusive and egalitarian organization of volunteers dedicated to encouraging the entire San Diego Jewish community to participate in a unique, international Jewish identity event that inspires all Jews to experience Shabbat together. The International Unity Shabbat will take place in more than 1500 cities and 101 countries and 10 languages around the globe. 




About Shabbat San Diego

Helping create an inclusive San Diego Community!

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Join over 20,000 San Diegans:

From Sunset to Stars Out


We strive to ensure that every denomination, affiliation, ideology and political persuasion is fully engaged, involved and genuinely welcome.

We are about to embark on an inclusive, meaningful experience as individuals, as families and as a local community connecting with worldwide Jewry. On November 10 - 13 2022 about  two million Jews in over 1,500 cities in 101 countries and speaking over 10 language around the world will join as one in celebrating a traditional, cohesive and momentous Shabbat.

San Diego’s 130 local congregations, community organizations, schools and youth groups have united under the Shabbat San Diego umbrella to plan a unique three-day experience to inspire more than 20,000  San Diegans to join in a complete traditional, open, inclusive and fully educational Shabbat experience.


What can you do to ensure that all enjoy this Shabbat San Diego?

1. Sign in for yourself and your family.

2. Volunteer to be part of the Shabbat San Diego Team.

3. Ask all your friends to register, and participate and ask them to ask their friends. 

4. Share the names and email addresses with us of all the unaffiliated Jews you know in the county.

5. Share your ideas with us. [email protected]



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