Day of Learning


Sunday, November 17, 2019 |9:30 am-4:00PM

4126 Executive Drive, La Jolla


9:00 am–12:30 pm - TAPESTRY with over 24 speakers

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1:15-4:00 PM - DOING JEWISH with 9 AMAZING lectures

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1:15-3:00 PM - Discussion with 2 REMARKABLE HOLOCAUST SURVIVORS

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Tapestry brings together hundreds of people from diverse ages and backgrounds, learning styles and interests for one day to learn, socialize, and be inspired. The morning will begin with a community kickoff and continue with stimulating presentations on a variety of aspects of Jewish living taught by San Diego's most inspiring teachers. Bring friends, family, and a wide-open mind.



Tapestry will be followed by an afternoon of learning presented by Partners and Torah.


Choose three of nine FREE lectures on different subjects related to Jewish values and rituals by leaders in text studies. Understand why and how Judaism looks at philosophical, ethical and religiosity issues that face us all and provides meaning and direction to our lives. Rabbi Avi Cohen, Senior Educator, Partners Detroit will be in San Diego to discuss the concept of Life after Death, Rabbi Simcha Weiser Head of Soille Hebrew Day School will describe how contemporary Jews carry Judaism forward, Rabbi Yoram Dahan Head of Kollel A’Havat Israel San Diego will explain the Secrets of Creation based on Torah, Science, History, and Code, Rabbi Baruch Ezagui Director of Chabad of La Jolla will provide an enlightening discussion on The Pursuit of Happiness, and several other interesting presentations by Jewish thought leaders.

Partners In Torah San Diego is an inclusive, independent community-wide adult education program focusing on understanding Jewish relevancy to our lives. Come to learn about Jewish Ethics, Values, Philosophy, the Torah portion of the week or any other subject of interest to you. If possible, let us know you plan to come so that we can arrange a study partner in advance. You are welcome to simply drop in and join a discussion group if that is your preference.


For the first time, in a single location, two local survivors who have recently published their memoirs and philosophies, will present elements of their stories and be available for discussion and book signings.
Forty-one percent of Americans haven't heard of Auschwitz. Twenty-two percent of millennials haven't heard of the Holocaust. Anti-Semitism is alive and well, and acts of mass violence are on the rise. Hear for yourself these remarkable stories from survivors who have dedicated themselves to educating students and adults on the facts and impact of the Holocaust in an effort to have the world “Never Forget“ and its corollary “Never Again”.
To remember the Holocaust is to remember a single, monstrous crime-the mass murder of six million Jews. This traditional approach to commemoration somehow anonymizes the victims, stripping them of their identities-just as the Nazis intended. Instead we should understand and remember each individual atrocity. Understand the victims as individuals and as individual crimes. Only then can we truly understand, remember, and learn. Survivors and eyewitnesses are dying out.