Faculty Highlights

Rabbi Avi Cohen

R’ Cohen – Senior Educator, Partners Detroit. He was the former Principal of Yeshiva Beth Yehudah in Detroit and a founder of Partners Detroit in 1993. The Jean and Theodore Weiss Partners Detroit strives to engage, enhance and promote Jewish identity and values by offering a wide variety of meaningful programs and inspirational classes. With a staff of world-class educators, Partners aims to help members of the Detroit Jewish community connect to their own rich heritage. Through its many educational programs and community-wide service projects, Partners Detroit reaches thousands of Jewish Detroiters each year and is recognized globally as a leading force in Jewish thought and education. R’ Cohen provides Partners in Torah San Diego with weekly booklets on interpretations of the Torah portion of the week for one-on-one learning.

Rabbi Simcha Weiser

Rabbi Weiser is Head of School - Soille Hebrew Day School, has led this community Orthodox day school since 1981, creating a growing, learning community which appeals to a diverse range of families. During his tenure Soille HDS has earned recognition for excellence, including the United States Blue Ribbon Award from the US Department of Education. His focus on teaching Judaism as values and innovating character development programs has impacted the lives of two generations of students, preparing them to live successful, meaningful 21st Century lives. His work confirms that emphasis on responsibility, resilience, and respect also bolsters measured academic achievement across all areas of study. Rabbi Weiser holds a BA in Economics with Honors from Queens College and Rabbinic ordination Yoreh Yoreh Yadin Yadin from the Rabbinical Seminary of America / Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva. Rabbi Weiser is also Program Advisor, Partners in Torah San Diego.

Rabbi Yoram Dahan

R’ Dahan - Head of Kollel A’Havat Israel SD, Torah Scholar, Talmid, Author, Teacher and a Speaker. He is deeply involved in teaching Torah, Keiruv, Zionism, and Yahadut to hundreds in San Diego and to thousands around the world. He wrote and published several books highlighting the divine Torah codes, teachings, secrets and the depth our holy Hebrew language.He apply a very unique method of teaching with diverse topics including: Torah (both written and oral), biblical events, Kabbalah, Zohar, science, medical, technology, and current events and their direct correlation with Torah. R’ Dahan is also involved in several Jewish advocacy programs and organizations.
R’ Dahan writes and distribute weekly D'var Torah teachings in the U.S, Mexico and Israel. Join his Partners in Torah weekly classes at the Jewish Community Center in La Jolla and San Diego.