Unity Havdalah Concert

Havdala candle burning brightly



Unity Havdalah Concert will take place:

Saturday October 28th, 2017

At 5050 Del Mar Heights Road
Concert Starts at 7:30
Join all San Diego Jewish Leadership coming together with candles of UNITY. APPRECIATION AND HOPE.

 After enjoying a meaningful and inspirational Shabbat San Diego with family and friends, the best way to raise your spirits even higher is to be sure you attend our mega Havdalah celebration to help us say good-bye to Shabbat and hello to a new week. Community unity just doesn’t feel any better than when surrounded by 3,000 fellow San Diegans still sharing the good times all experienced during Shabbat San Diego, in the heart of San Diego, connected to our heritage through unmatched musical entertainment. Sign in at www.ShabbatSanDiego.org to reserve your seats now — space is limited.

This year’s free concert will feature the internationally acclaimed American/Israeli rock group MOSHAV BAND.

The band has played at Shabbat Project locations around the world in prior years to terrific reviews. Modern folk-rock sound with Jewish soul, influenced by the late, great musician and rabbi, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.
The Moshav Band will be releasing their latest album – SHABBAT – on October 29.2017 in conjunction with the Shabbat San Diego Unity Havdalah Concert!!



Describes Moshav Band:

Possibly the best Israeli American band out right now, but these guys are all about spreading light. Essentially the holiday is all about spreading light in dark times. “The whole world’s on fire, flames are getting higher, we’ll carry each other, turn around and start all over.” A great story: once they were flown out to an island on a private jet, first class, to do a gig with Mariah Carey. That was a Passover gig. Their fans range from ages 3 to 83. They sing in Hebrew and English with a touch of Yemenite chanting on select albums. Watch the amazing video here. It is probably has the best message of all songs and videos posted thus far.