Unity Havdalah Concert

Havdala candle burning brightly



Unity Havdalah Concert will take place:

Saturday October 27th, 2018

Concert Starts at 7:30
Join all San Diego Jewish Leadership coming together with candles of UNITY. APPRECIATION AND HOPE.

 After enjoying a meaningful and inspirational Shabbat San Diego with family and friends, the best way to raise your spirits even higher is to be sure you attend our mega Havdalah celebration to help us say good-bye to Shabbat and hello to a new week. Community unity just doesn’t feel any better than when surrounded by 3,000 fellow San Diegans still sharing the good times all experienced during Shabbat San Diego, in the heart of San Diego, connected to our heritage through unmatched musical entertainment. Sign in at www.ShabbatSanDiego.org to reserve your seats now — space is limited.